Tim Jacob, Professor Emeritus, School of Bioscience, Cardiff University explains the science behind Kodobio Sensory Therapy .

Kodobio Sensory Therapy is not to be confused with aromatherapy and other complementary medicine. It has been developed over several years of research into the effects of smell by Tim Jacob, Professor Emeritus, School of Bioscience, Cardiff University. His ground breaking therapy is evidence based and scientifically tested.



The benefits of light therapy have long been accepted in main stream medicine. The light used is full spectrum bright white light equivalent to sunlight in the middle of the day. It is the same type of bright light stimulation used by SAD lights, however in the Kodobio it is fluctuated up and down on a 60 second cycle so as to maintain varied brain stimulation during the treatment to deliver its positive psychological and physiological benefits. A very efficient LED light panel delivers the correct luminance to the user’s field of view. The brightness has been measured to be between 2,500 lux and 10,000 lux depending on the setting selected.



MOOD BOOST – those shown to have anti-depressant properties in animal and human studies and associated with positive health benefits.

UNWIND – those with proven relaxant benefit; an effect which is derived from the anaesthetic properties of certain essential oils.

ENERGISE – those with stimulating and invigorating properties shown to enhance sports performance.

The finely tuned combination of the light and smell stimuli in fluctuating cycles within each treatment option delivers a completely natural, non-invasive and drug-free therapy for greater wellness.



The effect on psychological state was measured and determined with the universally accepted Profile of Mood States (POMS) self-assessment questionnaire which assesses mood in six dimensions: Tension-Anxiety, Depression-Dejection, Anger-Hostility, Vigor-Activity, Fatigue-Inertia and Confusion-Bewilderment. In extensive testing using the Kodobio for 15 minutes we found that the selected aromas showed a positive change.



The Kodobio has a relaxing effect. This has been demonstrated by measuring blood pressure and heart rate before and after 15 minutes use. The figure below illustrates the lowering of blood pressure and reduction of heart rate that occurs with the selected treatment. (See blood pressure and heart rate graphs).



Skin conductance is a physiological measure of arousal or nervousness and is often used as an objective measure of psychological stress. In extensive tests, a 15 min stimulus cycle with the Kodobio using the selected treatment caused a significant 23% reduction in skin conductance. Skin conductance returned to normal values after Kodobio Sensory Therapy. (See skin conductance graph).

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Combined non-adaptive light and smell stimuli lowered blood pressure, reduced heart rate and reduced negative affect

Shan Dong, Tim J. C. Jacob