Sensory Therapy

Scientifically proven and completely drug-free, Kodobio Sensory Therapy uses light and smell stimuli in a carefully modulated cycle to achieve profound psychological and physiological benefits. Combining the benefits of light therapy with the results of many years of research into the effect of smell on the brain and body, KST uses different treatments to relieve anxiety and tension or to lift mood and alleviate depression.


With benefits similar to mindfulness and meditation without having to train or learn a technique, simply sit or lie in a comfortable position with the Kodobio placed in front of your face while you relax and absorb the gentle healing light and smell stimuli for 15-30 minutes.


Use KST as often as you need. With a range of options you simply choose one to suit your mood or the time of day, for example use the “Energise” programme in the morning and the “Unwind” programme in the evening. We hope it will help to transform your life as you discover its simplicity and effectiveness.


Kodobio Sensory Therapy accesses the natural protective and healing mechanisms of the body to bring about positive physiological and psychological changes.

Trials have shown that Kodobio Sensory Therapy:

  • Reduces skin conductance – an objective measure of psychological stress
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Has a positive effect on brainwave asymmetry


and in the Profile of Mood State (POMS) test the Kodobio:


  • Reduces Total Mood Disturbance
  • Reduces “depression-dejection”
  • Lowers “anger-hostility”
  • Reduces “tension-anxiety”
Kodobio Sensory Therapy

Benefits of Using Kodobio


Kodobio Sensory Therapy
has been scientifically shown to cause a physiological relaxation.


Kodobio Sensory Therapy
has been scientifically shown to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate.


In scientific tests, the activity of the brain was altered to show a reduction in anxiety and depression after Kodobio Sensory Therapy.


Scientific psychological testing shows a decrease in negative mood factors after Kodobio Sensory Therapy.


Mood Boost

A fresh citrus aroma with complementary light in a gentle cycle to enhance your mood. A perfect pick you up all year round this treatment is especially beneficial if you are affected by SAD symptoms during the winter months.


A soothing aroma and light that will relax, calm and reduce the effect of everyday stress. Whether you have a crazy career or clambering kids to contend with, this treatment will definitely help to counteract the pressure.


This cool mint aroma and light cycle is designed to give you an energy boost treatment to help revive you. Perfect for the start of the day, as a prelude to a workout or when you need a burst of competitive focus to take on the world.

The benefits of light therapy have long been accepted in main stream medicine.

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