Kodobio Sensory Therapy
is a state of the art technique
that helps to improve mood,
reduce blood pressure and lower anxiety.
Be one of the first to discover the benefits of Kodobio, launching later this year.

Scientifically proven and completely drug-free, Kodobio Sensory Therapy uses light and smell stimuli in a carefully modulated cycle to achieve profound psychological and physiological benefits. Combining the benefits of light therapy with the results of many years of research into the effect of smell on the brain and body, KST uses different treatments to relieve anxiety and tension or to lift mood and alleviate depression.

With benefits similar to mindfulness and meditation without having to train or learn a technique, simply sit or lie in a comfortable position with the Kodobio placed in front of your face while you relax and absorb the gentle healing light and smell stimuli for 15-30 minutes.

Use KST as often as you need. With a range of options you simply choose one to suit your mood or the time of day, for example use the "Energise" programme in the morning and the "Unwind" programme in the evening. We hope it will help to transform your life as you discover its simplicity and effectiveness.

Kodobio Sensory Therapy accesses the natural protective and healing mechanisms of the body to bring about positive physiological and psychological changes.

    Trials have shown that Kodobio Sensory Therapy:
  •   Reduces skin conductance - an objective measure of psychological stress
  •   Reduces blood pressure
  •   Lowers heart rate
  •   Has a positive effect on brainwave asymmetry
    and in the Profile of Mood State (POMS) test the Kodobio:
  •   Reduces Total Mood Disturbance
  •   Reduces "depression-dejection"
  •   Lowers "anger-hostility"
  •   Reduces "tension-anxiety"


Treatment you can trust

Drug free
100% natural
No training
No techniques

simply you and Kodobio


Choose the treatment you need depending on how you are feeling.

Mood Boost

A fresh aroma with complementary light in a gentle cycle to enhance your mood. A perfect pick you up all year round this treatment is especially beneficial if you are affected by SAD symptoms during the winter months.


A soothing aroma and light that will relax, calm and reduce the effect of everyday stress. Whether you have a crazy career or clamouring kids to contend with, this treatment will help to counteract the pressure.


This cool mint aroma and light cycle is designed to give you an energy boost treatment to help revive you. Perfect for the start of the day, as a prelude to a workout or when you need a burst of competitive focus to take on the world.

"Kodobio Sensory Therapy is designed to use natural sensory stimuli to alter psychophysiological state.
The result is a healthier, happier you, better able to cope with the pressures of life."
- Professor Tim Jacob -

The benefits of using Kodobio:


Kodobio Sensory Therapy
has been scientifically shown to cause a physiological relaxation.


Kodobio Sensory Therapy
has been scientifically shown to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate.


In scientific tests, the activity of the brain was altered to show a reduction in anxiety and depression after Kodobio Sensory Therapy.


Scientific psychological testing shows a decrease in negative mood factors after Kodobio Sensory Therapy.

Choose the package that suit your needs.

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kodobio package with
adjustable floorstand


  • Kodobio visor and control unit
  • Power supply
  • User manual
  • Includes 30 free capsules

kodobio package
for table top


  • Kodobio visor and control unit
  • Power supply
  • User manual
  • Includes 30 free capsules

Pack of 30
mixed capsules


  • 10 each of Unwind, Mood Boost, Energise
  • Or a pack of 30 Unwind capsules
  • Or a pack of 30 Mood Boost capsules
  • Or a pack of 30 Energise capsules

kodobio Visor
Hygiene Shields


  • Pack of 150
  • -
  • -
  • -


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Kodobio Sensory Therapy is not to be confused with aromatherapy and other complementary medicine. It has been developed over several years of research into the effects of smell by Tim Jacob, Professor of Cell Physiology at Cardiff University. His ground breaking therapy is evidence based and scientifically tested.

The benefits of light therapy have long been accepted in main stream medicine.
The light used is full spectrum bright white light equivalent to sunlight in the middle of the day. It is the same type of bright light stimulation used by SAD lights, however in the Kodobio it is fluctuated up and down on a 60 second cycle so as to maintain varied brain stimulation during the treatment to deliver its positive psychological and physiological benefits.

A very efficient LED light panel delivers the correct luminance to the user’s field of view.
The brightness has been measured to be 10,000 lux at 30cm.

  •   Mood boost those shown to have anti-depressant properties in animal and human studies and associated with positive health benefits
  •   Stress relief those with proven relaxant benefit; an effect which is derived from the anaesthetic properties of certain essential oils
  •   Energise those with stimulating and invigorating properties shown to enhance sports performance

The finely tuned combination of the light and smell stimuli in fluctuating cycles within each treatment option delivers a completely natural, non-invasive and drug-free therapy for greater wellness.

The effect on psychological state was measured and determined with the universally accepted Profile of Mood States (POMS) self-assessment questionnaire which assesses mood in six dimensions: Tension-Anxiety, Depression-Dejection, Anger-Hostility, Vigor-Activity, Fatigue-Inertia and Confusion-Bewilderment. In extensive testing using the Kodobio for 15 minutes we found that the selected aromas showed a positive change.

The Kodobio has a relaxing effect. This has been demonstrated by measuring blood pressure and heart rate before and after 15 minutes use. The figure below illustrates the lowering of blood pressure and reduction of heart rate that occurs with the selected treatment. (See the table to the right)

Skin conductance is a physiological measure of arousal or nervousness and is often used as an objective measure of psychological stress. In extensive tests, a 15 min stimulus cycle with the Kodobio using the selected treatment caused a significant 23% reduction in skin conductance (see Figure below). Skin conductance returned to normal values after Kodobio Sensory Therapy. (See the table to the right)



KST is a programmed cycle of synchronised light and smell stimulation that activates sensory centres in the brain. Depending upon the selected smell and light cycle KST can boost your mood, de-stress or energise.
KST is not like aromatherapy. It combines light and smell stimuli delivered in a specific modulated time cycle and uses only aromas that have a scientifically documented specific effect.
KST uses the same type of bright light stimulation used by SAD lights but combined with specially chosen aromas.
Since the light used in KST is similar in both wavelength and intensity it can be used as an alternative to SAD lights and offers additional benefits.
KST stimulates sensory regions in the brain. The combined light and smell cycle affects the frontal cortex in a region linked to the amygdala that sets mood. The cyclical nature of the stimulation engages the attentional area of the brain overriding other influences. For more information, follow links on the Kodobio website to KST - Theory
No. The light has been designed to be delivered at an intensity and wavelength range that is quite safe for the eyes. There is no UV light in KST and the peak intensity (10,000 lux) is the same as that encountered in the middle of the day.
Caution. Patients with severe ophthalmological conditions or patients taking photosensitizing medication should have an ophthalmological examination before starting light therapy.
The KST has a controllable light intensity so, if you find it too bright, it can be switched to a lower setting. However, the light does need to be bright to be effective.
It is probably better not to have KST within 1 hr of going to bed. Studies have shown that bright light just before bedtime can delay sleep onset. This is more pronounced in teenagers.
Bright light is thought to improve mood by increasing the levels of serotonin, one of the compounds responsible for our happiness.
Yes, if you want to wear your glasses they will not interfere with the treatment
The odorants selected for the aroma capsules are specifically chosen from natural, organic essential oils and are not harmful. Some essential oils contain photosensitisers, for example citrus oil contains bergaptens. These are non-volatile and will not present any risk to you in KST.
One session can last 15-30 minutes depending upon your needs and the time you have available.
This depends on you. If you are stressed then you can have KST twice a day for as long as necessary. You can’t overdo KST. Also, you can have a morning energise and an early evening unwind programme, as often as you want. Our research has shown benefit from just one session but to restore your natural healthy mind-body balance a linked series of sessions is suggested.
As often as you like, or need. Because of the different programmes available, you can have KST more than once a day, for example have the Energise programme in the morning and the Unwind programme in the early evening. You may find daily sessions help you to gain a natural mental-physical balance. Another option would be a treatment consisting of 3-6 linked sessions. You can monitor your progress with our specially designed chart and decide your own treatment programme or in discussion with your therapist.
Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Keep your eyes open and breathe through your nose if you can. You may find that with some programmes you relax, begin to drowse and close your eyes. This is fine. When you realise this has happened, slowly re-open your eyes.
You may find your eyes closing as you unwind and relax. This is fine. When you are aware your eyes are closed, slowly reopen them. To gain the full benefit of KST your eyes need to be open.
Even though your nose is blocked you will still obtain some of the benefit from the therapy and the cool mint in the Energise programme will bring relief to a blocked nose.
There are many positive benefits from KST, both psychological and physiological. For example, our research has demonstrated that a single 15 minute session achieves a 5% reduction in blood pressure. The two sensory stimuli are mutually reinforcing and the combined benefits are enhanced with repetition a process known as conditioned association. So the more often you use KST, the greater will be the effect and the longer it will last. The different KST programmes will help you choose your personal path to restore your natural healthy mind-body balance.
KST is safe for use by children under adult supervision. There are settings with lower light levels if they find it too bright, and the shorter duration 10 minute programme setting may be more suitable. Many studies that have demonstrated positive benefits from light therapy and aromatherapy in children and adolescents.
If you suffer from diabetes or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or have an eye or skin condition which is affected by bright light you should consult a doctor before embarking on KST.
Bright light can interact with some medications. KST should not be used if you are taking any of the following:
- tetracycline (antibiotic)
- tricyclics
- antiarrhythmic medications
- antimalarial drugs
- antirheumatic drugs
- psoralen medications
- diuretics
- melatonin (not to be used concurrently with Light Therapy)
- sulfonamides (antibacterial medication)
- St. John’s Wort (Hypericum)
- major tranquillisers